Day 3

November 3 (Thursday)
Place: Ilha Grande
What to do:
Not much in a rainy day. Talking with fellow travelers would be the best option))
Accommodation: Staying with CS host Daniel

Good morning.
After yesterday’s 15 km of walking I woke up at my Couchsurfing’s room at 9am and took a slow start. I joined CS 6 years ago and was surfing and hosting for more then 100 times.

How is the day.
There was a bit of sun in the morning (which I overslept all), and the rest of the day was cloudy and raining.

We went to Daniel’s friend to get some vegetables. This guy had a hostel here before, but then he realized he doesn’t like people any more, but plants. He kicked out all the humans and planted all around of his land with trees, vegetables and grass. It surprised me they grow dill and parsley which was not so typical for SE Asia.

I was invited to Daniel’s house for lunch cooked by Jesus’s girlfriend. Guys are vegetarian, so we had this usual talk that people should stop eating meat, the same talk that happened to me hundreds of times in any other countries. And each time it starts “you should watch this documentary” – something from the top youtube videos, and each time it ends up that people are not educated, we have to change the global mind. And each time I say how about plants are also alive and have souls (which I truly believe) and they scream each time we cut them, or eating cheese is the same stuff at eating meat as cows who give milk suffer as much in the stables as any other animals, the conversation goes to a very long discussion and makes vegetarians always angry. Jesus ate the last piece of cheese and left the house as it was too hard for him to realize that he just killed alive souls of ants today’s morning in front of me, and now he has to think about it.
After lunch we were sitting in Paolo’s house with our laptops, working our online projects and drinking coffee.

I don’t think I can live on an island like this one. This is not my lifestyle.

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