Day 2

November 2 (Wednesday)
Place: Conceição de Jacareí Ilha Grande
How to get:
From Conceição de Jacareí take a boat to Vila do Abraão

What to do:
1) There are many tracks you can do on foot. The tracking roads are pretty good, all you need just to prepare yourself for a long walk. You can get the road maps in any hostel or download it here .
2) If you are too lazy to walk you can take a boat to any of the beaches. Prices are around 30-60 rials for return trips depends of distances.
Staying with CS ( host Daniel (architect and specialist in bamboo building technology).

Good morning!
Woke up at 5am to meet a sunrise. Then had a typical Brazilian breakfast: fresh bread, butter, sliced bacon, sliced cheese and sweet coffee.


How was the day
After breakfast we went by cars to the pierce at Conceicao de Jacareí. Parking in front costs 10 rials per day. The first boat starts at 9am. The boat ticket from there to Vila do Abraão (the main “town” of Ilha Grande) costs 25 rials and 35 rials for the ticket back. If you bumped in a right person you can make a deal of 40 rials for return trip. You can ask to drive a boat with no charge)

I dropped my stuff to the place of Pauo (like San Paulo) – a friend of Daniel. They look like they are the best friends since they were little, but in fact they just know each other for two months. Paulo has been living in the island for many years, when I was looking for his place I just asked a random people on the street “where is Paul’s house” and they pointed me. He’s the most rated CS host here and he also runs airbnb. You can find his listing here . His house is just next to the beach and super friendly. I call them “Paulo Malandramendje” and “Daniel Hippie”.
Daniel Hippie also has a brother “Jesus”.

The city itself is little and quite. There are no schools on the island, all the people work for tourist needs. There is no really transport on the island, just bicycles, few motorbikes and cars.IMG_8242.JPG

There are many beaches you can go, since my Brazilian friends have already been here few times we went to the beach they wanted. The name of the beach is Lopez Mendes and one way walk took us 2,5 hours. The way back was 3 km shorter as me made a shortcut.
The beach was ok. Not just because I spent many years in Asia and really spoiled with beaches, but it was really ok. Not more then that.

The way to the beach was itself pretty interesting: jungles with bamboo and tropical trees, pineapples and bananas.

My Brazilian friends left back to Rio cause they needed to work the next day. I was a bit scared to became without anyone. I traveled so many countries alone, but still. Then I went for the dinner with Daniel, Polo and two girls who were also doing couchsurfing in his place. One of the girls appeared to be Ukrainian, so we were speaking Russian the whole evening, this was fun)


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