ASTANA 20 years

The message to extraterrestrials

Develop structural-dimensional model to represent related and logically constructed information.
1. A series of the devices containing information about the contemporary Earth civilization.
2. Information can be understood by using different senses.
3. Target audience: inhabitants of the other Civilizations or Civilizations of Our Solar System in the future.
4. Type of interplanetary communication: unilateral.
5. The devise is intended to be sent into space on board space crafts to be found by extraterrestrial civilizations and recognized as an alien object.
6. The device can be found by inhabitants of the Earth in the future, as the information about our planet’s past.

WORLD POST. Future World Post for sending letters
On the Earth there are oceans and continents, countries and states with borders. But look at the globe. You can see only the lines of borders but there are no language borders!

1. Division of the globe into degrees and minutes of longitudes and latitudes.
2. Convenience of writing addresses and names between people who don’t speak each others languages. In the writing on the envelopes just figures are used. The information of the sender and the addressee of the mail is coded in numbers.
3. Simplification of a way of payment for the correspondence. The money for transfer are withdrawal from the sender’s account who has put his fingerprint on an envelope.
4. All the address are coded in longitude and latitude numbers.
5. Attraction of people from different countries who don’t know each other languages to be in touch.

NOKIA ONLY PLANET. Nokia research project

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